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Induction heating

Grafik InduktionserwärmungInduction heating does not involve the external application of heat but rather the internal generation of heat in the workpiece itself. This process dispenses with long heating periods and enables the limited introduction of heat in a local and precisely timed manner, thus achieving a high degree of efficiency and maximum exploitation of energy. When compared with conventional heating methods, induction heating achieves maximum levels of quality and efficiency across a practically unlimited range of applications.

Our products

Himmelwerk high-frequency converter Sinus 52

HIMMELWERK offers you the advantages of inductive heating and produces efficient high and medium frequency systems operating within a performance range between 2.0 and 250 kW and a frequency range between 4 kHz and 2 MHz.

Modern high frequency converters can be easily integrated in manually-charged semi and fully-automatic production processes where high unit quantities are involved. They are also utilised in the production of smaller series. In addition to transistorised HF and MF converters and tube generators the highly diversified production range for the equipping of complete plants also encompasses temperature controllers and cooling water recooler systems.

Cutting edge technology

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Use of modern modular power electronics enables time and cost-efficient production in manufacturing across the entire performance range. This is achieved with a freely programmable microprocessor control which acts as an electronic interface to your machines and provides a maximum degree of flexibility in signal and program exchange.

Improved design enhances the stability of systems and reduces the installation space required to a minimum.

2005 saw the expansion of our range to include a new innovation: a previously unachievable increase in the operating frequency of semiconductor devices by up to 2 MHz.

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